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Increase borrower acquisition in a high compliance enviroment


This Brand, a nationwide lender in a highly compliant environment was in need of a high volume borrower inquiry marketing plan with critical focus on quality of inquiry. The brand needed a vendor that had the experience of taking over a large, complex marketing plan. The campaign required maintaining a keen focus on compliance as well as elevating the borrower acquisition.


We designed a strategic solution that presented the lenders niche products to the right borrower at the right time all the while maintaining compliance and using a high level of technology we created a seamless origination model whereas every aspect of the customer experience performed in a directive fashion.

  • Marketing: Using scoring models, we were able to targeting potential borrowers at precisely the right time giving them option to engage online or via telephone inquiry through any device and via a call center agent who is an extension of the brand
  • Technology: A completely customized CRM, a dynamic compliant scripting environment, and a “connected” API based platform where the potential borrower can engage online or via telephone inquiry through any device and via a call center all the while the process remains efficient and acquistion focused.
  • Compliance : From inquiry to application to funding the platform was designed with our industry specific legal team to control and monitor compliance.


  • A seamless and flawless client acquisition process that executes in accordance with compliance
  • A significant increase of thousands of new loan inquiries monthly
  • An improved customer experience
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