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Prioritizing customer acquisition by creating future benefit and a call to action sales approach


An international travel industry brand was looking for an innovative way to capture sales from potential customers at the initial inquiry


  • Provided customer service representatives with a tool that seamlessly integrated into the brand’s existing technology and enabled team members to offer savings and travel services to potential travelers at prices no other brand could offer.
  • Using a FIMAC partner the brand is able to offer a discounted future travel membership at the time of sale with significant discounts targeted towards future travel the traveler expressed interest in at the time of booking.


In addition to an increase of millions of dollars in sales revenue annually as well as praise from happy customers on social media, the travel leader catapulted from #11 to #2 in one of the industry’s most comprehensive studies of performance and quality. The program was extended beyond its initial call-center application to assist on-site customer service representatives in 300 locations worldwide. Representatives globally use the FIMAC designed platform to proactively motivate customers to purchase travel at the time of inquiry.

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